Traci McKeown-Weaver

Traci Weaver

Cystinuria is an inherited genetic disorder that prevents the dog’s ability to effectively filter cystine out of urine. When too much cystine builds up, stones can form. These tiny objects can get stuck anywhere in the urinary tract, including in the kidneys, bladder, and ureter. MCOA and several other dog breeds have seen this within the breed. There is much more work that needs to be done as several dogs testing negative in DNA results can still develop Cystinuria. The more we test and submit our data for both DNA and urine for males and DNA for females the closer we will become to clearing this disease from our Mastiff breed! Please submit the DNA and Urine samples to PennVet-University of Pennsylvania, School of Veterinarian Medicine!

A little bit about myself! I grew up on a dairy farm in Western New York. Was always involved in 4-H showing horses and beef cattle. I have worked at Lapp Insulators LLC for 30 years as a Product Manager and Director of Sales. I hold an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Always having a love for animals, my husband and I got our first mastiff in 2002 and we fell in love with the breed. I’m a member of MCOA since 2011 and am a member of the Health Committee. I’m also a member of the Canadian Mastiff Club, Genesee Valley Kennel Club as well as Mastiff Club of Northern Ohio. I began showing conformation in 2004 and been doing it ever since. We had our first litter in 2010. I do not breed that often but health, structure and soundness are my primary focus.

Most of my closest friends are dog breeders and people who show. These are friends I could never imagine being without.

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