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Longevity Award Certificate

The MCOA is presenting Longevity Award Certificates to the owners of Mastiffs who have reached the age of ten (10) or older. 

Any Mastiff whose age can be verified and who has lived to age 10 or greater is eligible for the certificate if that Mastiff is registered with a recognized breed registry of its country.  This includes, in part, the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the Kennel Club (KC), the Australian KC, etc.  The Longevity Certificate will also be available posthumously.  A LC number will be assigned to each Mastiff attaining the certification, and they will be entered into a database.

Living Mastiffs will be issued a certificate with a number ending in -L.  When this Mastiff passes away, the owner or breeder can send verification of date of death to the committee, and a second and final certificate will be issued.  This final certificate will have the LC number changed to end in -D.  For example, a Mastiff is issued a LC at the age of 10, but lives to age 13.  If the owner or breeder will send the LC number, plus verification of date of death, a second and final certificate will be issued.  That way, the certificate will reflect the true longevity of the dog.  Mastiffs, which are deceased at the time of the application, will automatically be assigned a number ending in -D.  Applicants are encouraged to enter any Mastiff that they have verifiable information for, including those who lived long ago.

Verification of the date of death or current living status of the Mastiff can be made by getting a statement from a veterinarian or an active MCOA member in good standing (other than the owner(s) and breeder(s)).  In some circumstances, memorial ads or information from the MCOA archives will be acceptable.

Certificates will not be reissued each year after the first certificate is awarded.  The first certificate can be exchanged for a final certificate upon verification of the date of death.

Applications may be made by mail or e-mail so long as a copy of the application, registration and verification of death (or current living status) can be filed for future reference.

To apply for an MCOA Longevity Award Certificate

Submit a completed MCOA Longevity Award application, a copy (not original) of the registration certificate and verification of the Date of Death or proof the Mastiff is still living. The Mastiff must have at least one owner that has been an Active MCOA member for a minimum of 9 months during the year in which the award was earned and currently a MCOA member to receive the award.  The Mastiff, who has qualified for said award, has abided by the MCOA Code of Ethics, regardless of whether said Mastiff lives with (or is under the control of) the non-member or the MCOA Member.


Longevity Certificate Application


Download the PDF form to mail or email (including verification copies) to:

Emily Drew
MCOA LC Program 10726 Cherrington St.
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

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