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Kelly Meyer

I bought my first English Mastiff in 1973 and went about it all wrong but I got lucky, Thor was a wonderful Mastiff and lived to 11 years old with no serious medical issues. I got involved in showing and bred a few litters as well. But I saw so many people get burned so badly that when the AKC started the Breeder Referral program in the early 1990’s I volunteered in my Kennel club. I also volunteered to the MCOA program and become the chair in 2001. I believe the Breeder Referral program is not about selling puppies but about educating the puppy buying public. If they choose to not follow our advice there is nothing we can do about it but at least we tried. I am too old for puppies now but fill my home with rescue Mastiffs and help them find their furever home.

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