Karen L. Cornelius

Karen Cornelius

Hello, everyone! I have been a member of this committee since 2016. I am committed to providing my best talents to augment those of our other Journal Team members – enhancing our collective capability of producing a professional quality magazine our readers find engaging and valuable. I also believe we fulfill an important educative role in expanding understanding of our breed, its history and its capabilities (beyond the show ring and ‘couch- potato-ing’).

Roles are not strictly defined on our committee; hence most of us both write and proof/edit pieces – Although Maria Ruoto is our brilliant layout person, as well as the Editor; and we have two people – formerly professional editors –who only edit. I am involved in shaping content for the issue at hand; giving assignments, setting deadlines, and nagging people for their assignments. I also write articles for each issue; and interface with/oversee vets who do the Ask a Vet, and TVM (Traditional Veterinary Medicine pieces.

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MCOA AKC Gazette Columnist

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