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health fundraisers

The MCOA Charitable Trustees and the MCOA Health Committee volunteers have been working on fundraising events to bring in revenue to meet our current and future financial obligations related to Mastiff Health. You can help us in this effort by making a direct donation or by participating in the following health fundraisers:

We also raise money through the Mastiff Club of America’s annual Silent Auction which is also held at our National Specialty Show.  This event was originally set up to raise money primarily for Mastiff Rescue and has graciously been expanded to allow fund raising for Health as well.  The Silent auction is manned entirely by volunteers.  Generous Mastiff lovers and various companies donate all of the items which are auctioned off to the highest bidders.  It is amazing to see the volunteers show up, the items flow in and watch the room fill with people willing to spend money to help our Breed!  If you have anything you would like to donate for the Health Charitable Trust silent auction please email:

Mary DeLisa and
Tricia Dalman

The Mastiff Club of America is a participant in the  Purina® Parent Club Program (PPCP), which supports health research through the AKC CHF Mastiff Donor Advised Fund that benefits Mastiffs.  If you feed Purina brand dog food to your dogs, we encourage you to become a Purina Pro Club® member and participate in the Purina® Parent Club Program.  You can then earn valuable points for your qualifying Purina® brand dog food purchases which can be used toward future dog food purchases and the MCOA will earn an additional 10% of the value of all points!

If you shop on Amazon you can help MCOA Charitable Trust at the same time at no cost to you!  AmazonSmile is one of the most widely used websites in the world. Customers can now elect to donate 0.5% of their purchase to the charity of their choice. This is all made possible by shopping on  If you already shop on Amazon, or if you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, we invite you to shop at and choose Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust as your charity of choice. Below you can read about how to use Amazon Smile.

How Does it Work?
1. Visit The entire shopping experience is the same and most products available on are available at Amazon Smile.

2. Sign in and Choose Your Charity The screen will look slightly different depending on whether you’re already signed into Amazon or not. If you’re already signed in, Simply search for “Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust” or the charity of your choice and proceed to step 3. 

3. Select “Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust” When you search for a charity, such as “Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust” you will be given a list of possible matches. Select the charity of your choice to continue. Once selected, you will receive an email confirmation and you can begin shopping.

4. Begin shopping! Once you’ve selected your charity everything else functions the same. Shop for your favorite products or the perfect gift. Most products are eligible on Amazon Smile–if not, you’ll be notified. You can checkout normally as well. No extra cost is passed onto you–Amazon will donate 0.5% of your purchase to Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust!

5. Share with your friends. After you’ve successfully completed a purchase on Amazon Smile you can share the news with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or via email. This option appears on the confirmation page after your order is complete. Share Amazon Smile.

We applaud Amazon for their efforts to support charities. We hope you will take the opportunity to support Mastiff Club Of America Charitable Trust with your eligible purposes on

Another form of Support is to purchase a variety of Mastiff items we sell through the Ways amd Means Online Store.  This includes old issues of the Mastiff Stud Dog Books, National Specialty Health Seminar Videos and other Mastiff related items. Purchasing these special items through our Online Health Store are not tax deductible, but please remember that the profits are used to fund health programs and projects that will benefit Mastiffs!

If you do shopping you can help MCOA Charitable Trust at the same time at no cost to you!  Become a member of  The Mall at iGive makes it easy for members to make their everyday internet shopping count for something more.  Each time an iGive member makes a purchase from the online Mall, up to 25% of the purchase price is donated to the shopper’s favorite cause.  There are over 600 popular merchants such as Land’s End, Barnes and Noble, Sharper Image, ToysRus, and many more.  There is never any extra charge to the member or the cause.

“Raise Money for Mastiff Health by Searching the Internet!”

Imagine if every time you did a search on the internet, you earned money for Mastiff Health.  This is possible!  With each search you launch on approximately 1 penny goes to the Mastiff Club of America Charitable Trust to help fund health research projects.  You simply select our organization from a database then tell all your friends and ask your friends to tell their friends and so on.  If 1,000 people with the same charity search twice a day for a year, our Charitable Trust could earn over $7,000.   Our club has approximately 700+ members and if each one of us get in the habit of typing instead of or each time we search the internet think of how that money can add up.  Go to and select Mastiff Club of American Charitable Trust as your charity.  Search for Mastiffs, Kennel Names, Kennel Clubs and all your other favorites and earn money for Mastiff Health while you’re doing it!  It’s that easy!

Every year a friendly group of Mastiff Lovers  have a picnic in North East Ohio to help raise funds for Mastiff Health Research and Mastiff Rescue.  The money has been divided equally between the MCOA Charitable Trust and Mastiff Rescue organizations (such as FORM or the RFI).  To raise this money, they have to solicit vendors, businesses, and friends to donate money and raffle items.  If you would like to help with this annual fundraiser, please contact 

Please visit the Ohio Picnic Website at:

If you would like to make a direct tax deductible charitable donations to the MCOA Charitable Trust you can use our Donation Button below.

If you would like to do a special fundraiser for the MCOA Charitable Trust, let us know!  Some suggestions are Raffles, Movie Matinees, Ice Cream Socials, Progressive Dinners, Beer or Wine Tasting Benefit, Cake & Desert Sales, Karaoke Competitions, Special Dinners or Dances, Yard Sales or E-Bay Auctions, Golf Tournaments (Miniature Golf works too), T-Shirt Painting or other Group Artwork Designs, etc… You can also help by offering a percentage of the income you make from your sales or services to go to the MCOA Charitable Trust!  Suggestions: Artwork, Bird Feeders, Bitch Panties, Blankets, Clothing, Cool Coats, Crate Pads, Handling Lessons, Handling Services, Jewelry, Photography, Plants, Puppies, Quilts, Special Treats, Stud Fees, Website Designs…

Mastiff Club of America Charitable Health Trust is 501(c)3 Charitable organization and your donations are fully tax deductible as charitable contributions as allowed by law.

No donation is too small & every dollar makes a difference to the health of our Mastiffs!

Donate to the Mastiff Charitable Health Trust Foundation

Please consider making a donation to the Mastiff Charitable Health Trust Foundation to benefit the ongoing research for a healthy future for the Mastiff breed.  

Learn more about MCOA Rescue Foundation Incorporated (RFI)

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